Covid-19 Vaccinations through Safeway and Albertson's Grocery Stores

As many of you know the struggle to schedule the Covid-19 Vaccine has been difficult for many to obtain.  With limited supply of vaccines available, it has become exceedingly difficult for everyone to easily schedule their vaccine.  That can be a very frustrating situation for many as they pursue the recommendations of those that aid in assisting to improve the Covid-19 pandemic.  We encourage you to press forward in your attempts to schedule your vaccines. 

Attempting to assist you further, we have investigated some additional places that are supplying vaccines for Covid-19.  Some of the local grocery stores are supplying vaccines, and although they book up quickly, the vaccines do become available. We encourage you to attempt to schedule your appointments through Safeway at or through Albertson’s at , many have been able to book appointments late into the night, even the early morning hours, so keep trying they do get open appointments as more vaccines come in, and they open those time slots.  We encourage you to continue in your efforts to remain safe and hope you find this information useful.  Have a great day!

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